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There are a variety of elements involved in creating the ideal home theater experience, picture, sound, seating, and the overall environment. It should be known, however, that the proper application of good sound and picture is the single most important element. For some, design may be considered the number one priority, but no matter how great a room is, a beautiful design can't compensate for poor picture and sound quality. Good design enhances the theater experience but it cannot stand alone. Design and technology must go hand-in-hand. Visit the  Design Details & Acoustic Glossary for more information.

Many family rooms have been upgraded to a "media room" however, there is a difference between the media room and a dedicated home theater. A media room is multi-functional, providing a variety of uses to the family, whereas a dedicated home theater's sole function is as a theater experience.

So once a space is chosen or the decision made to build a room addition, where does one start? You need to get advice from someone who knows what home theater and media rooms are all about. Simply having a space doesn't necessarily mean that it will work well for a home theater. If the room is too narrow, to many wall openings the sound will be compromised. If the ceiling is too high you'll have a problem with sound reverberation (echo). Rooms can be "tweaked" with acoustical treatments to alleviate some of these problems such as with bass traps and first reflection absorbers. Room proportions that are too big can be made smaller, ceilings can be lowered, or sometimes raised. Proper room proportions are very important, height to width is the key.

Without question, the room you choose is as important as the components you install in it. It is the frame on which your theater will take its form. Once your room is made acoustically fit and the A/V products are carefully chosen and integrated in place, your theater experience becomes pure magic and all you need is that big bowl of popcorn!

So what ever the need, dedicated home theater or family media room, LiteSync can help steer you to professional ideas and products that will suit your requirements and be sustainable into the future.

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Hearing Assist Systems

LiteSync is also proud to offer our clients state of the art products from Williams Sound. LiteSync and Williams Sound's Assistive listening Technology is technology that can help in various listening situations bring power and clarity to the sounds that enrich people's lives with solutions that overcome the challenges of noise, distance, clashing conversations, and hearing loss to deliver precise and personalized audio in any setting or environment.

This starts with trusted, industry-leading assistive listening solutions that are compliant with government regulations and ready to bring clear, focused, and personalized audio to all kinds of performance venues and public spaces.

Next, convenient and easy-to-use wireless tour group and language interpretation solutions make it easy for public speakers, guides, and language translators to be heard clearly by any size group, even in the noisiest and most chaotic indoor and outdoor settings.

Finally, Assistive listening Technology amplification systems bring clear, consistent, and affordable audio to meeting rooms and classrooms, and a family of conferencing solutions turns any room into a personalized communication center where every participant can hear and be heard with perfect clarity.

At LiteSync we are motivated and informed by a deep understanding of what sounds really means for the people who can't quite hear them and the belief that everyone should be able to cut through the clutter and connect to pure, focused sound.

For more details review this PDF, Hearing Assist Design

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