Low-Voltage Wiring Design
An architect produces very detailed floor plans in order to turn an idea into a build-able home. Much collaboration is needed between the architect and client to ensure that the end result is what was envisioned. Likewise, your home’s technology systems need to be designed and engineered well in advance of actual construction and should be reflected on a detailed low-voltage wiring plan.

Discussing your audio/video, computer networking, lighting and systems integration needs with LiteSync ™ early in the home design phase results in necessary coordination between your architect, interior designer, builder, and all affected subcontractors. Costly change orders are avoided, and the end result is a smoother construction process and greatly improved finished aesthetics. LiteSync ™’s detailed computer-generated wiring plans have won the praise of the architectural and building trades, as guesswork and wiring errors can be virtually eliminated.

IT and Computer Networking
With the increasing importance of the Internet and computer networks today, it is more critical than ever to ensure that your computer networks are designed and installed with proper care and expertise for reliability, performance, and security. Increasingly, audio-video components and home automation systems connect to your home network and the Internet and without careful design and network implementation, numerous reliability and performance problems can and often do result. LiteSync ™ will ensure that your computer network works seamlessly with your home automation/integration system and stays secure.

Core responsibilities of LiteSync ™’s IT department include the design, configuration/installation, and maintenance support of your LiteSync ™ installed networks. We optimizes all network hardware, software and communication links to ensure the best possible performance and "up-time". We also provide troubleshooting and installation services to resolve hardware, software, and computer problems, extending extra support and training where required. LiteSync ™’s IT department can help with something as simple as installing a printer to projects as complex as developing an estate-wide secure Wi-Fi network.

An easy-to-use home telephone system does so much more than merely allow you to make phone calls. Today’s advanced telephone systems double as an intercom, allowing direct paging to a particular room or to the entire house. Have convenient two-way communication with someone at your front door or gate and buzz them in from the phone keypad. Set “do not disturb” times for certain incoming phone numbers, such as a home office line, so the phone does not audibly ring after hours (except in certain locations if desired). Limit your child’s phone use by turning off their phones at preset times. Roam with confidence throughout your home using new cordless phone technology that mimics the way cell phones operate. Integrated voicemail will allow each family member to have their own private voicemail box.

Our Intercom systems let you talk to any specific room or broadcast throughout the house or building. We sell, install and service the Selective Call Intercom from On-Q/LeGrand. Mute features help you monitor rooms without making noise.

For instance, you can listen in on your sleeping baby without any sounds from your end disturbing her. For your property, we have intercoms from house to patio (weatherproofed against inclement weather) and well as entry intercoms, so you can check who is at your front door or front gate. A LiteSync ™ designed communications system is sure to make you and your family feel well-connected.


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