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David Rishor is President and Principal at LiteSync. He began his career in 1976 when he enrolled in the electrical trade ultimately graduating at the top of his class from the four year journeyman electrician program in the state of Arizona.

This “nuts and bolts” environment offered a critical foundation of knowledge directly related to building construction that few in the design/build industry bring to the table. David is also the only electrical contractor in Arizona whom is a Certified Lighting Consultant as accredited by the American Lighting Association. LiteSync starts with lighting as the critical function and then sync’s all other system from there for the best outcome possible. LiteSync designs lighting systems locally and internationally.

David and his CFO/Vice President Kelly, bring clients an exciting company that is long overdue and needed. Over decades time David has viewed the poorly, fragmented evolution of the industry and brought the disciplines of high and low voltage power together under one roof to repair it. LiteSync can install state of the art automated controls, A/V distribution systems, security, cctv, data and beyond with factory buying power price points. All of these low voltage systems need high voltage and as the electrical contractor LiteSync has the knowledge to do this right. This seamless integration of high and low voltage systems offers clients a more cost effective, superior final product.

Above and beyond the commercial and residential applications above, LiteSync provides state of the art professional entertainment acoustics, audio, video and lighting systems. Our team of industry professionals have decades of experience and with credentials of the architect, PHD and others, we can approach any project from the largest stadium to a simple office board room. LiteSync has an artistic passion in this industry that drives us to offer clients better ideas and superior designs providing the sustainability they need.

David’s knowledge of the National Electrical Code as well as Illumination Engineering Society guidelines and local Dark Sky codes & amendments is deep. He is considerately aware of being energy conscious understanding LEED building requirements and always attempts to help his customers to live green and protect the environment.

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David Rishor

Unlike the “automation only” installer, David is a true audio hobbyist or audiophile; it’s more than just a living to him. His passion for two channel music and surround sound audio/video formats goes back to his teenage years. His company has the latest in state of the art automation, audio/video and security interface products and maintains factory training to be sure that your installations are the best they can be.   LiteSync ™ is the kind of company needed to meet today’s challenges of complex products and systems David says.  We see the big picture of design and installation and have brought the disciplines all together under one roof to make certain that they integrate and operate in the most seamless manner possible.  The choice is yours…you can hire an electrician, automation company and a lighting designer to attempt seamless integration or you can make one call to LiteSync ™ and know you will get it right!


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