Design Services
We offer a multi-disciplined approach to engineering and design, bringing the firm’s full range of expertise to each project from its inception. A project team of lighting, electrical and low voltage designers employ a systematic process of analysis and development to design buildings and their settings. Working in AutoCAD 2008, hand in hand with architects, builders, and clients we can ensure a problem free project submittal to southern Arizona’s local legal jurisdictions.

Overall Design Services
Our design services range from electrical distribution to luminaire schedules, communications, automation, structural video distribution and security systems. We provide a total coordination of electrical and low voltage infrastructure design for new and modernization concepts including commercial and residential projects. We also specialize in lighting maintenance evaluation, operating recommendations, power distribution, lightning protection and emergency standby power systems.

Entertainment Design Services
Much of what makes our entertainment system designs a perfect balance of high quality and maximum affordability is that we do this by bringing together the best possible engineering talent and the most efficient manufacturing that can be obtained.  Our designers also have strong audio and video industry backgrounds, giving them a unique sensitivity to overall esthetics. We pride ourselves on creating solutions that experts like these would have at their own properties. From simple living room surround sound entertainment systems to complete theater structures we can meet any need.

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