Welcome to LiteSync, High & Low Voltage Systems Intergration

LiteSync brings to clients a forward thinking firm that we proudly say is unlike any other.

Based on the concept of synchronization, our design/build approach provides a
seamless integration of all high and low voltage systems for any size project. 

Listed below are the various "Sync" services we provide that encompass today's high tech, commercial or residential environment. 

Key 'sync' services...
  • Electrical Sync
  • Lighting Sync
  • Acoustic Sync
  • Automation Sync
  • Video Sync
  • Pro Entertainment Venue Sync
  • Data Communications Sync
  • Product Selection Sync

Our primary goal is to 'sync' the design/build process for the most optimal end product so you'll benefit in areas of sustainability, budget and time. 

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LiteSync, Inc.

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For home owners and business owners whom have an existing LiteTouch control system there now is an option for support. As this product is no longer being manufactured, repair parts are not available and if any part in the systems fails, often it can lead to large lighting outages. It would be important to be proactive on this work to avoid long term lighting outages.
LiteSync is happy to announce that we are providing the very latest in support with the Vantage InFusion lighting retrofit kit for LiteTouch systems. This easy to install kit is state of the art and will provide a superior system with factory supported components well into the 21st century. Contact us and we will be happy to assist with your system upgrade.

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