Lighting Services
We are the only company in Arizona that maintains both the state electrical contractor licenses and lighting design credentials from the American Lighting Association and other lighting industry affiliates to fully meet your project requirements.  Combine this education with 30 years of installation experience and our service is second to none.

We approach every project considering customer desires and the features and aspects unique to the project.  We are considerate of and respectful to the architectural design and wish our lighting to become an integral element of the overall. We deal with light as a design material, unique in its lack of substance but important in creating the visual form and therefore the appearance of the project to the end users.

Clearly, sustainable lighting design requires much more consideration than just placing luminaries' here and there. Orienting the building for optimum daylight penetration, optimizing daylight harvesting techniques, determining the appropriate light levels, choosing the most efficient luminaries, incorporating task lighting, installing the right controls and making these controls usable are critical to affecting positive change. For LEED lighting requirements.

LiteSync ™ believes in having a solid design plan and open communication throughout any project we do. Listed here in Lighting Design Details page are the steps we take to ensure our customer's satisfaction.


We enjoy working hand in hand with your interior designer. They have a wonderful grasp of your project and together we can come up with some perfect ideas for your home, office or business.

Also, see how daylight harvesting for energy savings can be done with Window Treatments.

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