Pro Audio and Lighting: Design and Installation Services
LiteSync's team of professionals have decades of design and installation experience in the Pro Audio industry. Their projects encompasses educational institutions, houses of worship, government entities, stadiums, retail businesses and various other applications. Our team is equipped with real-world experience in the industry and they can assist you in design, product selection, technical questions and more. 

LiteSync recognizes the daily challenges, demands and deadlines that our customers face. For some, design may be considered the number one priority, however design and technology must go hand-in-hand. Certainly, intelligible speech or clear, undistorted music is fundamental to the design. In practice, that means acousticians and sound system designers should be brought into the design team from the start, preferably as early as the programming phase, to ensure that acoustics and sound reinforcement are included in infrastructure planning. We can also split our design and build functions, if needed, to fit the requirements of the project so it can be sustainable into the future.

To illustrate how crucial audio design can be, let's look at two options in speaker selections, a horizontal array of “ point and shoot ” loudspeakers (left) versus a vertical-line-array loudspeaker system (right), each covering a certain area of the audience. They can be used singly or in arrays of multiple loudspeakers. However, arraying requires a thorough understanding of loudspeaker array theory, because unintended wave interactions can create problems. Understandably, making the right choice can be critical. Our goal is to offer scale-able system solutions for all application sizes, performance requirements and budgets.

                                        horizontal speaker array           line array
                                      Horizontal array        Versus       Vertical-line-array

LiteSync provides a range of commercial audio and lighting products, such as JBL Pro, Yamaha Pro, AKG, Studer Soundcraft, Crown, Lexicon, Altinex, AMX, Da-lite, Epson, Mitsubishi, NEC, Panasonic, Polycom, and Shure. For quick and easy product selection and setup without sacrificing the value, quality and reliability that professionals demand. We also follow the Industry Standards set forth by, the worldwide standards for the entertainment industry.

Knowing how involved some systems can get, we have added a select group of consultants to the LiteSync's team who support our Pro Audio design services. With their help LiteSync is able to offer a complete package of acoustical design, measurement, simulation, audio, lighting, and rigging services from initial concept to complete drawing sets. Acoustical and architectural design are integrated to give better performing solutions while reducing construction costs. We are committed to finding innovative, thorough, efficient, cost effective and practical solutions to the acoustical challenges faced by our clients.


Tom Spendiarian
Thomas Spendiarian, Architect

Thomas is a Registered Architect in the State of Arizona, since 1991. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture, from the University of Arizona, College of Architecture, 1987. He has practical construction field experience prior to receiving his degree and subsequent architectural experience in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential building.

For the past 15 years his practice has focused on architectural acoustics and noise control. He is a long term member of the Pima County Planning and Zoning Commission.

Lance Willis
Lance Willis, PhD

Lance holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (1993), Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (1995), and a Ph.D. with a Multidisciplinary Certificate in Acoustics (1999) from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

In 2000, Dr. Willis began work in Motorola’s Advanced Product Technology Center. Projects at Motorola included the acoustical design of portable radio products with respect to speaker and microphone performance, sound quality, and operation in wet and noisy environments, studies of rub and buzz detection methods, managing the development of a high efficiency family of speakers, and modal analysis of microspeaker cones to reduce audible distortion.

Dr. Willis is a member of the Acoustical Society of America and the Audio Engineering Society. He has been awarded three patents for adaptive equalization in behind the ear telephony devices and another for an audio porting assembly to prevent water intrusion into microphones.


Chris Babbie
Mark Miceli, MFA
Pro Division Manager

Mr. Miceli ’s professional activities span a forty-year involvement in the entertainment industry. His professional experience includes the areas of audio engineering, acoustical measurements, systems design, production management, and technical direction. Various world-class production companies, architectural firms and entertainment venues have utilized Mr. Miceli’s services both in technical direction and engineering capacities.
Mr. Miceli has studied at the State University of New York and the University of Arizona. His areas of studies have been focused in technical theater and the hearing sciences. Mr. Miceli was awarded honors research funding from the University of Arizona and in May 1995 and was subsequently invited to present his research on acoustical simulation at an International conference in Italy. Mr. Miceli was also awarded both undergraduate and graduate creative achievement awards from the University of Arizona College of Fine Arts for his research in acoustical modeling and simulation. Mr. Miceli has received a BFA and MFA from the University of Arizona and was the outstanding senior in his department.

       room acoustics


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