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LiteSync is the only company in Arizona that maintains BOTH electrical contracting licenses AND a Certificate of Lighting Consultation from the American Lighting Association.  

Why is this so special?

It's all about the formal training...

Electricians are formally trained in the rules of safe voltage distribution. The “bible” for the electrician is the National Electrical Code and in this are all the rules needed to prevent injury to people and damage to property due to the controlled fire that is called electricity.

However, a Certified Lighting Consultant is trained in the discipline of illumination. They study foot-candle levels, lumen and CRI index levels and how they affect the environment and it's occupants. Today’s lighting discipline is more complex than ever and when it’s designed right, the difference is dramatic.

In Business Since 1995

ROC-200179 R-11 / ROC-226774 C-11 / CLC 10021

Licensed Electricians                         Since 1995
Lighting Consultants                          Since 2002
Automation Integrators                    Since 2002
Commercial Electricians                   Since 2006

In business since 1995

Some of the Services we Provide...

Custom made fixtures

Residential Electrical

For over 30 years the owner of LiteSync has been serving customers throughout Arizona. You can feel confident calling LiteSync, knowing that our highly trained electricians will treat you and your property with the respect and attention to safety you deserve. Whether it's a simple service call or installing a custom-designed landscape lighting system, or wiring a “ground up” house, our technicians are knowledgeable, professional, courteous and prompt. We have the power to make things brighter for your project!

Commercial Electricians

Commercial Electrical

In simplest terms, as commercial electricians we install, upgrade, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair electrical systems in virtually all non-residential settings. We've performed work at restaurants, stores, schools, and churches. We can be hired to design and install electrical systems, panels, switchgear, wiring, and related equipment, including lighting fixtures, switches, and receptacles in any type of commercial facility.

Lighting Design

Lighting Design

The lighting in any environment is critical to the function and appearance of that environment. Light is invisible until it strikes an object or surface. And it is controlling this difficult, transitory medium that gives the lighting "artist" the ability to create hierarchies, dynamics and mood.

An educated approach to the choice of luminaires and where they are installed, including the choice of their controls and where they are located, will make the difference between a project done correctly or incorrectly.

Studies have proven lighting can have a profound effect on all aspects of life – your mood, work and health. With that understanding, lighting design has become a creative extension of architectural design, improving visibility and complementing form, function, program and color.

The skill set of an accredited and seasoned lighting designer is a must to bring any project to its fullest potential.

Lighting Automation & Control

Lighting Automation & Control

You can create the perfect ambience and save energy with intelligent and effortless control of your lighting. We have experience with several vendors, such as Elan, Vantage, Lutron and more...

The applications to choose from can be:
1.) Universal brands, meaning they that are capable of controlling nearly any device or function in your home.
2.) Component brands, which can automate one or a few devices/functions but are not as comprehensive as Universal Systems.
3.) Packaged brands that provide some home automation functionality within a monthly service package. These packages are primarily offered through home security based businesses.
4.) DIY brands are designed for the “Do-It-Yourselfers” out there.

Residential Electricians


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If you are interested in an exciting career in lighting design and electrical install please, fill out the contact form and we'll email you an application. Or, you may also download our PDF Application and mail us a copy. Hopefully we will welcome you as new employee soon!

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7:00 am- 4:00 pm Monday- Friday

As the environment of controlled devices continues to evolve, we aspire to stay current on lighting and electrical trends.

It is our company policy to excel through continued education and training, combined with forward thinking, to provide state of the art products and services that bring a value to our clients beyond what they pay for.

Our Mission at LiteSync is to work hard to make today’s structural lighting and voltage systems compatible with your needs. You are our most important customer and we make certain that you know this throughout every step of your project.

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